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PreVasive WASP Mold Resistant Sealant

Wasp™ delivers long-term, interior and exterior anti-mold surface protection. Easy to apply with a brush, roller, spray, or paint sprayer. Quickly penetrates and adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces and leaves a durable, long-lasting barrier that will not blister, peel, crack, or chip, while helping to restore the integrity of water damaged materials.

Recommended by industrial hygienists, consultants and building owners for Mold Remediation.

Wasp Mold Reisistant Sealant, water base, clear, non-toxic, odorless, exterior/interior, mold and mildew resistant sealant. It is designed to protect any wood and masonry surface exposed to moisture, high humidity or weather. Ideal protection for surfaces prone to mold growth such as attic spaces, wall cavities, crawl spaces, floor joists or wherever mold remediation has occured.

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Ready-to-use, Wasp™ surface anti-mold and antimicrobial sealer made in the US, 25(b) safe ingredients according to EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) federal insecticide, fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) under minimum risk exemption regulation in 40 CFR 152.25(f).

Long lasting anti-mold sealant on exterior concrete, brick, stucco, roofing tiles and masonry materials.
Long lasting anti-mold sealant for interior mold remediation crawl spaces and open chases.
Long lasting anti-mold treatment for ducts
Meets ASTM Standards D-3273 &
D-5590 for mold growth resistance
and is Air Quality Management
District and VOC compliant.

Directions for Use:

Clean surfaces with OxyOrange and apply WASP for safe superior mold control

Ready-to-use, Wasp antimicrobial Wood Protectant made in the US, 25(b) Generally recognized as safe (GRAS), safe ingredients according to EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) federal insecticide, fungicide and rodenticide Act (FIFRA) under minium risk Exemption regulation in 40 CFR 152.25(f).

Industrial Hygienist Jerry Bond – Wasp™

Time to apply some Wasp to a job
8 weeks after applying Wasp still looks great

When was the last time your sidewalk looked this good?


Wrote this with Wasp 3 yrs ago..wow

Dear PreVasive,

My brother started using Prevasive products to help the storm victims in North Carolina earlier this year. He introduced these products to me in the form of actual results he was getting and seeing with his own eyes. Even after pictures were sent and conversations were made I still was hesitant to change. Being 60 does that to you. I’m so glad he persisted. These products are incredible. Oxy Orange used for Mold Remediation in conjunction with Wasp and BAC is a no brainer and cuts my time in half. Also the ability to replace these caustic/harmful chemicals with safe/green products have excited my employees and given me piece of mind when dealing with our customers. We are also using Oxy in our pre-spray for carpet cleaning and have also replaced our anti-microbial with BAC with much success. Incredibly satisfied with these products and I’m always looking for new ways to use them. 

Thank you PreVasive,

Mike Watson, Operations Manager

Rainbow International Restoration of Lincoln

Dear PreVasive,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for developing these new products that we at Allergen Sweep, LLC. are using in the mold remediation industry. They are safer for us to use and safe for the customer to be around after we are gone, effective in killing the mold, and efficient in using them.

I have used several of your products with success and wanted to share my experience with you. First the Botanical HP. It is great having one product do what we used to do with two – kill the mold and also eliminate staining caused by the mold.

Second, after HEPA vacuuming mold off of floor joists, we sprayed WASP directly onto the wood. I went in the next day to finish up the job (about 16 hours later) and the wood had absolutely no indication that there was mold there the day before. The great thing about WASP is that it also kills the mold and makes the wood look very clean. The customer was very happy with how it turned out.

Thank you again for the great products!!

Ron Hemphill

Allergen Sweep, LLC.

Dear PreVasive,

I have been in the restoration industry for 47 years and have used every product out there for sanitizing and stain removal. I was introduced to Jerry Bond and PreVasive Products a couple of months ago. I called Jerry to discuss an issue I was having, and he drove 7 hours to visit and help. As an owner, I am always interested in the best product that will save me money and time, but also has to be safe for my employees and clients. Prevasive is THAT product line. TRUE botanicals.                                

We have been using BAC on all our water damage jobs and our crews are very impressed.  Our clients also like the fact it is SAFE. We brought it in to a refinery client and never have we had such an easy time getting a product approved. We have used Oxy Orange, Botanical HP and WASP on our mold projects with outstanding results.

I am so impressed with the effectiveness and safety of the products that for the first time in 47 years I have asked the manufacturer to be a distributor, this is how confident I am in Prevasive, I know I can sell it to other restorers


Huey Miller, Jr

ServiceMASTER of Lafayette

Lafayette, LA 

Jimmy Chupp

Campus Services & Athletes

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