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PreVasive Heavy Duty Cleaner

A plant based blend of surfactants and wetting agents D-Limonene and Thyme. For use in industrial, home, auto mechanic shops, agriculture, food service , health care facilities, boats, shops and more.

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Heavy Duty Cleaner

• Earth Friendly
• Biodegradable
• Superior heavy duty cleaning abilities
• Cuts Grease
• Cleans soot and fire damage
• Cleans organic soiling
• Deodorizes
• Organic buildup
• A plant based blend of surfactants and wetting agents
• Cleans tub and bath
• Cleans floors
• 4 – 6 oz dilution to one gallon

For Use In

    • Hotels
    • Homes and Apartments
    • Boats
    • Agriculture
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Auto Mechanic Shops
    • Aging Care Facilities
    • Day Care Facilities
    • Public Buildings
    • Athletic Facilities
    • Schools

Directions: Mix 4-6 fl. oz. per 1 gallon of water, use with floor scrubber, mop or sponge. For heavy dirt/grease use full strength, rinse after cleaning. 

Dear PreVasive,

Our company recently started using Prevasive’s products for mold remediation. I have been blown away with how effective they are. Not only do they give us amazing visual results, but our air quality clearance numbers have never been better. However, what I am most excited about is that these products are certified green and safest that we have ever used. This gives us a competitive advantage with our clients and eliminates exposure to our employees of some of the harsh chemicals we have used in the past. Our employees have given me incredible feedback on these as well.

We have been using the OxyOrange for crawlspace cleaning and interior cleaning. The OxyOrange has outperformed any of the cleaning agents I’ve used in the past and has a very pleasant fragrance.  I’ve also replaced our fogging agents and anti-microbial with BAC and it does an amazing job. Additionally, the Botanical HP has replaced our stain removers. Bottom line is we are now completing remediation jobs safer, better, and faster. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Daniel Smoke WTR FSRT AMRT

VP Of Restoration, Rainbow International

We provide expert industrial solutions to businesses. With over 15 years of experience we’ll ensure that you’re always getting the best results from a US firm focused on quality.

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