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Dear PreVasive

A place where clients share stories about how PreVasive has helped their businesses. 

Dear PreVasive,

I have been in the restoration industry for 47 years and have used every product out there for sanitizing and stain removal. I was introduced to Jerry Bond and PreVasive Products a couple of months ago. I called Jerry to discuss an issue I was having, and he drove 7 hours to visit and help. As an owner, I am always interested in the best product that will save me money and time, but also has to be safe for my employees and clients. Prevasive is THAT product line. TRUE botanicals.                                

We have been using BAC on all our water damage jobs and our crews are very impressed.  Our clients also like the fact it is SAFE. We brought it in to a refinery client and never have we had such an easy time getting a product approved. We have used Oxy Orange, Botanical HP and WASP on our mold projects with outstanding results.

I am so impressed with the effectiveness and safety of the products that for the first time in 47 years I have asked the manufacturer to be a distributor, this is how confident I am in Prevasive, I know I can sell it to other restorers


Huey Miller, Jr

ServiceMASTER of Lafayette

Lafayette, LA 

Dear PreVasive,

I have been in the Mold industry for almost ten years.  I have used all types of products but was never really happy with them because most contained harsh chemicals, needed multiple applications in order to be effective, or emitted strong odors. I was excited to try Oxy Orange, Wasp and B.A.C. because they are all green products, but I was skeptical as to how effective they would be.  All of these products have exceeded my expectations! I now exclusively use OxyOrange WASP and B.A.C. on every Mold remediation/abatement that my company does.  Not only are these products safe, they work better than anything that I have used on the market in the past 9 ½ years.

Best Regards,

Mitch Renberg

Midwest Mold Remediation LLC

Dear PreVasive,

Our company recently started using Prevasive’s products for mold remediation. I have been blown away with how effective they are. Not only do they give us amazing visual results, but our air quality clearance numbers have never been better. However, what I am most excited about is that these products are certified green and safest that we have ever used. This gives us a competitive advantage with our clients and eliminates exposure to our employees of some of the harsh chemicals we have used in the past. Our employees have given me incredible feedback on these as well.

We have been using the OxyOrange for crawlspace cleaning and interior cleaning. The OxyOrange has outperformed any of the cleaning agents I’ve used in the past and has a very pleasant fragrance.  I’ve also replaced our fogging agents and anti-microbial with BAC and it does an amazing job. Additionally, the Botanical HP has replaced our stain removers. Bottom line is we are now completing remediation jobs safer, better, and faster. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Daniel Smoke WTR FSRT AMRT

VP Of Restoration, Rainbow International

Dear PreVasive,

I have been in the restoration industry for 32 years and have used everything from Microban, Concrobium, Sporicidin,  Benefact and ProKure.  I have also used Remedia and Serum as well.  I was introduced to Jerry Bond and PreVasive Products about 6 months ago to try on our water damaged properties that we were restoring.  At first, I was apprehensive about trying a new product since I have tried many different things, and haven’t been happy with the results.  As a owner, I am always interested in the best product that will save me labor, the cost is reasonable and the chemicals that my crew are using is as safe as possible for them as well as the owners of the properties we are working in.  In todays world, we have to be super careful of putting ourselves and our company at risk when working in someone’s home that the products that we are using could cause health effects that could expose us to litigation in the near future.

I used to be a firm believer in Benefact thinking it was a true botanical, however after doing some research, I discovered that it actually is only botanically derived and not a true plant based antimicrobial.   Benefact actually contains heavy metals and other chemicals that are not botanical.

We have been using BAC on all our water damage jobs and our crews in St. Louis, Missouri as well as Wilmington, North Carolina are very impressed.  We have been receiving great feedback from our clients too.  We have used Oxy Orange as a cleaner for carpets and our guys love the smell and the great results they are getting, even works great on removing blood from carpet.

We recently started using one of their newest products, Botanical HP in crawl spaces as well as attics to remove and kill mold.  The results are incredible, we are able to apply the product and see amazing results in seconds saving us hours in labor.

We are excited about new opportunities for our company and looking forward to being a long term client of PreVasive.

Thanks for bringing this product to the market.

Jim Seubert, President

Pride Cleaning and Restoration

Dear PreVasive,

It is already time for me to think ahead to next year: wanted you to know the Braves intend to continue using PreVasive for our pathogen control system. I’m really impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency of the application, and I definitely appreciate how quickly we can get back into the areas without odor issues or lingering residue. Makes things much easier!

Likewise, I’m impressed that our mid-year (about 5 months later) the results are great! Since we’ve now been using PreVasive successfully for 2 years now, I would be happy to share our experience with any of your potential customers. Feel free to ask them to give me a call. I’ll be in touch about coordinating our next application in the spring!

Original Testimonial Here

Dawn Gepfer

Facility Manager, Engineerer

Dear PreVasive,

I have used PreVasive on several products at The Westminister Schools and have had nothing but positive results. Two bigger projects come to mind: First, we had a troublesome mold problem on the exterior of a wood building. After cleaning and painting, we treated with PreVasive and have not had a problem with mold on the exterior of that building in over a year. Second a dehumidifying energy recover unit had failed in one of our buildings causing the humidity to skyrocket and people begin to complain of a mold smell. We quickly cleaned the building and set up temporary dehumidification along with applying PreVasive throughout the entire building. PreVasive not only prevented the mold from coming back, it also eliminated the odor caused by the mold. We recieved many compliments on how we quickly cleaned up this building making it safe for occupants.

We have also used PreVasive on several other small jobs around campus related to controlling bacteria or mold. Currently we are looking at the possibility expanding our use of PreVasive on campus to include such areas as our daycare, lower school, wrestling room and locker rooms to help keep the environment free of bacteria and viruses.

I highly recommend PreVasive as a pathogen control solution. I have seen firsthand how well this product works and am quite impressed with the results.

Original Testimonial Here

William D. Broome

Director of Facilities

Dear PreVasive,

As an owner of a cleaning company, I have to be WOWED!!!!! to look at a new cleaner.

After learning and trying BAC, I was excited to find a true green product made with organic whole plants. There are so many companies with untrue claims!!! It is important to me for myself and my employees to be working with safe, yet effective products. It is equally important when we enter a home or business to ensure their safety!! We love the smell of the special reserve blend (vanillin). We are using it everywhere, since you do not have to rinse it. It has been a very tough season of cold and flu’s, so we spray this on all faucets and phones. We especially like BAC in the bathrooms, it is a good solid cleaner ranging from sinks to toilets.

It is nice to do our part for protecting ourselves and the environment:)

Christy Watson

Rainbow Cleaning Service, Lincoln NE

Dear PreVasive,

On behalf of The Greater Atlanta Christian School, I would like to thank you for protecting our students, staff and facilities with your PreVasive system.

GACS first reached out to you to try and control odors in the men’s locker rooms. We were extremely pleased with the results and soon found out that PreVasive was also able to help protect the school and students from many viruses and bacteria. Since we started using the PreVasive system, we have been able to reduce and stop the spread of other pathogens like MRSA and Norovirus. This system has been a great addition to our daily cleaning routine.

We are excited about our partnership with PreVasive and we look forward to the future of fighting viruses and bacteria together.

Original Testimonial Here

Jimmy Chupp

Campus Services & Athletes

Dear PreVasive,

With the product that was provided BAC AG was able to be used on the following business’ and application methods.

Cannabis Greenhouses (3)

Applied via: Dosatron, Pressure Back Pack Sprayer, Electrostatic sprayers
IPM (Integrated Pest Management): Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, Spider Mites, Thrips
Cleaning of Water Tanks
Cleaning of Pots/Working Tools
Cleaning of irrigation lines
Cleaning of floor covering material.

Hemp Nurseries (2)

Applied via: Back Pack Sprayer
IPM (Integrated Pest Management): Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, Spider Mites, Thrips
Trial implementation in SOP for Cloning stations

Food Processing Center (1)

Cleaning of stainless steel processing equipment.
Added to water reservoirs in washing of lettuce/kale leaf
Sprayed in walk-in freezers

The overall consensus is overwhelmingly great. The product is versatile, effective and has many qualities that will make it the go to product across many industries. The main focus is to be able to get it to market at a price to compete with others. The features that I was surprised were how well the BAC AG cleans the irrigation lines. We have serious problems in the west with regards to heavy salt usage and the residues that clog the emitters. I am curious to see how it behaves on longer runs in ground for the new agriculture season. Especially on those farms that have new lines and how we can keep them clean from the onset. Also it will be interesting to get the product to those who have last years tape and how we can help them save thousands of dollars.

Hemp Growers


Dear PreVasive,

Food Clean Up in Key West.

Just a note to let you know we have shared the OXY ORANGE with anyone needing it, what a blessing. The disinfectant was awesome cleaning out the refrigerators after the initial tossing of the defrosted goods. 

We appricate your time and great product you allowed us to purchase. It really has made a different in many homeowners lives. 

Have a BLESSED day,

Ron and Mary Maleski

Key West

Dear PreVasive,

As the owner of ‘Ga.Got Mold’ I would like to say that the OXY ORANGE is a great product for remediation and cleanup of mold. We use it in Crawlspace Cleanup and remediation at 20oz per gallon from the concentrate. Eco Friendly – certified green-means alot to us for the safety of our customers and our employees and its super economical too! Were able to use it without fear of corrosion. In addition to it being a great, safe peroxide orange oil cleaner it is a super degreaser! We use on carpets and wood floors. It does not dry out wood floors… Crazy!

Thank you PreVasive,

Alan Reed

Ga.Got Mold

Dear PreVasive,

My brother started using Prevasive products to help the storm victims in North Carolina earlier this year. He introduced these products to me in the form of actual results he was getting and seeing with his own eyes. Even after pictures were sent and conversations were made I still was hesitant to change. Being 60 does that to you. I’m so glad he persisted. These products are incredible. Oxy Orange used for Mold Remediation in conjunction with Wasp and BAC is a no brainer and cuts my time in half. Also the ability to replace these caustic/harmful chemicals with safe/green products have excited my employees and given me piece of mind when dealing with our customers. We are also using Oxy in our pre-spray for carpet cleaning and have also replaced our anti-microbial with BAC with much success. Incredibly satisfied with these products and I’m always looking for new ways to use them.

Thank you PreVasive,

Mike Watson, Operations Manager

Rainbow International Restoration of Lincoln

Dear PreVasive,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for developing these new products that we at Allergen Sweep, LLC. are using in the mold remediation industry. They are safer for us to use and safe for the customer to be around after we are gone, effective in killing the mold, and efficient in using them.

I have used several of your products with success and wanted to share my experience with you. First the Botanical HP. It is great having one product do what we used to do with two – kill the mold and also eliminate staining caused by the mold.

Second, after HEPA vacuuming mold off of floor joists, we sprayed WASP directly onto the wood. I went in the next day to finish up the job (about 16 hours later) and the wood had absolutely no indication that there was mold there the day before. The great thing about WASP is that it also kills the mold and makes the wood look very clean. The customer was very happy with how it turned out.

Thank you again for the great products!!

Ron Hemphill

Allergen Sweep, LLC.

Dear PreVasive,

Hi Jim! We love the bug spray I bought from you!  It works great. With soccer practice starting in August bugs are usually a nightmare there and it’s been super helpful! I sprayed it around the doors like you said to and that works great, especially the door coming in the house from the garage and exterior doors where a light stays on at night.  I also used it to spray around the baseboards and windows in the basement where we get those really small skinny spiders you can barely see and it worked! It has worked like a charm for us and I of course love the fact that it’s all natural and I don’t have to worry about some weird chemical or the kids having a reaction to it. I will for sure need more here sometime soon!
Thank you,
Christine Bieser

Dear PreVasive,

We applied Bigshot Maxim to all 3,000 acres of our cotton in various applications with outstanding results. We consistently inspected 196 scout points within 10 days of every application with outstanding results!

We had hardly any bug or disease pressure at all this year. We applied it at various locations by air for mosquito control with excellent results. I have applied it to corn planted behind watermelons for insect & disease control with excellent results.

We have applied it to peanuts for disease control, pecans for fungicide & insects’ control, fruits for insect & disease control. All with great results. It’s the only product that I have ever used in my 35 years of farming & flying that manages & controls such a broad spectrum of things, it even controls fungus!

From a farming standpoint it has helped us save significantly on our input costs and increased our yields. From an aerial application position, it made my job fun again. Off target applications & drift are no longer an issue with a product that is good for the environment and does not kill beneficial insects.

Ron J. Everidge

Everidge Farms, South Georgia

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