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We applied Bigshot Maxim to all 3,000 acres of our cotton in various applications with outstanding results. We consistently inspected 196 scout points within 10 days of every application with outstanding results! We had hardly any bug or disease pressure at all this year. We applied it at various locations by air for mosquito control with excellent results.

I have applied it to corn planted behind watermelons for insect & disease control with excellent results. We have applied it to peanuts for disease control, pecans for fungicide & insects’ control, fruits for insect & disease control. All with great results. It’s the only product that I have ever used in my 35 years of farming & flying that manages & controls such a broad spectrum of things, it even controls fungus!

From a farming standpoint it has helped us save significantly on our input costs and increased our yields. From an aerial application position, it made my job fun again. Off target applications & drift are no longer an issue with a product that is good for the environment and does not kill beneficial insects.

Ron J. Everidge

Everidge Farms, South Georgia