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PreVasive BHP – Mold, Algae, and Mildew Stain Remover

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BHP – Fastest All-in-One Mold & Stain Remover available with Long Lasting Surface Protection!
NEW Industrial Strength Concentrated Formula using our Proprietary cling and absorbent chemistry!

Clean & Restore these Indoor or Outdoor surfaces to like NEW!

*Wood  *Concrete  *Sidewalks and Driveways *Brick patios and walls *Drywall  *Decks  *Wood fences*Roofs *Vinyl siding  *Outdoor furniture  *Boats  *Campers  *Awnings

*Kitchen and bathroom tile, tubs, toilets and showers, etc.

BHP is for anywhere mold, mildew or algae tends to grow and stain surfaces.

BHP saves Time and Money! 

Preferred by Disaster, Restoration, and Cleaning professionals because of its fast-acting results saving them time and labor.

Perfect for extreme mold clean-up and removal in crawl spaces, attics, water damage areas, and many more!

Dilution Recommendations: 

Recommend testing surfaces before use to confirm dilution needed.

1:1 dilution into water for heavy mold cleaning and wood revitalization

1:2 dilution into water for moderate mold cleaning and revitalization of wood, concrete, stone, brick, etc.

1:3 dilution into water normal mold cleaning and revitalization of wood, concrete, stone, brick, patio furniture, etc.

*Many mold, mildew and algae stains may only require 1:3 dilution.

Coverage: approx. 300 sf. per ready to use gallon

Brush, foam, spray, roll on the surface if necessary, to loosen stubborn build up. Re-application, may be necessary where heavy build up occurs. The cleaning action stops when your surface dries. After use, clean applicator thoroughly with water.

Dear PreVasive,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for developing these new products that we at Allergen Sweep, LLC. are using in the mold remediation industry. They are safer for us to use and safe for the customer to be around after we are gone, effective in killing the mold, and efficient in using them.

I have used several of your products with success and wanted to share my experience with you. First the Botanical HP. It is great having one product do what we used to do with two – kill the mold and also eliminate staining caused by the mold.

Second, after HEPA vacuuming mold off of floor joists, we sprayed WASP directly onto the wood. I went in the next day to finish up the job (about 16 hours later) and the wood had absolutely no indication that there was mold there the day before. The great thing about WASP is that it also kills the mold and makes the wood look very clean. The customer was very happy with how it turned out.

Thank you again for the great products!!

Ron Hemphill

Allergen Sweep, LLC.

Dear PreVasive,

Our company recently started using Prevasive’s products for mold remediation. I have been blown away with how effective they are. Not only do they give us amazing visual results, but our air quality clearance numbers have never been better. However, what I am most excited about is that these products are certified green and safest that we have ever used. This gives us a competitive advantage with our clients and eliminates exposure to our employees of some of the harsh chemicals we have used in the past. Our employees have given me incredible feedback on these as well.

We have been using the OxyOrange for crawlspace cleaning and interior cleaning. The OxyOrange has outperformed any of the cleaning agents I’ve used in the past and has a very pleasant fragrance.  I’ve also replaced our fogging agents and anti-microbial with BAC and it does an amazing job. Additionally, the Botanical HP has replaced our stain removers. Bottom line is we are now completing remediation jobs safer, better, and faster. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Daniel Smoke WTR FSRT AMRT

VP Of Restoration, Rainbow International

Dear PreVasive,

I have been in the restoration industry for 47 years and have used every product out there for sanitizing and stain removal. I was introduced to Jerry Bond and PreVasive Products a couple of months ago. I called Jerry to discuss an issue I was having, and he drove 7 hours to visit and help. As an owner, I am always interested in the best product that will save me money and time, but also has to be safe for my employees and clients. Prevasive is THAT product line. TRUE botanicals.                                

We have been using BAC on all our water damage jobs and our crews are very impressed.  Our clients also like the fact it is SAFE. We brought it in to a refinery client and never have we had such an easy time getting a product approved. We have used Oxy Orange, Botanical HP and WASP on our mold projects with outstanding results.

I am so impressed with the effectiveness and safety of the products that for the first time in 47 years I have asked the manufacturer to be a distributor, this is how confident I am in Prevasive, I know I can sell it to other restorers


Huey Miller, Jr

ServiceMASTER of Lafayette

Lafayette, LA 

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